Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oregon Refuge Still Occupied; Feds Have New Ground Rules, Though

It's important to know that, even though the leaders and most prominent jamokes have been arrested (one killed), the occupation of the Malheur national wildlife refuge in Oregon isn't over.  State and Federal officials have new "ground rules", though, governing the remaining deluded jamokes occupying the refuge and any other far- right extremists that would try to join them:
Law enforcement agents have moved in to establish checkpoints at the still-occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County Oregon, escalating this standoff further after a deadly night in Oregon's high dessert [sic].

After a shootout several miles from the refuge that resulted in one standoff leader dead and several other leaders arrested, the FBI has established a new perimeter to keep outsiders from joining the militiamen still holed up at the refuge, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. The FBI will be searching vehicles moving through the area and will arrest those who do not cooperate.

OPB reported that inside the wildlife preserve, tensions have also been rising as the remaining militiamen held a vote on whether to stay or go and decided to stay put.

OPB reporter John Sepulvado tweeted "they will not leave, 'we’re not cowards like the rest,' say they’re prepared to die."
During an interview with NPR, Sepulvado described the scene at the 187,000-acre refuge, which had transformed substantially over night. He said there are "convoys of federal trucks, armored trucks, and a lot of police cars behind them, zooming to the refuge on different roads." 
They're not innocent, they're not unarmed, their hands aren't up.  If they threaten the lives of police or FBI enforcing the law, they should suffer the consequences.  

BONUS: Memo to our broken media: let's stop calling these armed, lawless thugs "protesters."

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