Sunday, February 7, 2016

Republican Debate Introductions Get Appropriately Clowned Up

An opening truly worthy of the Republican clown car bus and the clueless media:

(h/t Silver Spring Bureau Chief Brian - TCIITM)


Anonymous said...

And it went rapidly downhill from there. This morning I saw a graph of the categories of questions asked by the totally inept moderators (who should lose their jobs entirely, not just the right to moderate anything again). Most of the time and questions had to do with which one of those candidates is the bigger di%k, and they went after each other as if answering which one HAS the biggest di%k. We changed channels after about 15 minutes. P.E.C.

W. Hackwhacker said...

I always avoid watching these "debates" to avoid spiking my blood pressure! The stupidity, lies and, as you point out, di*k- swinging is just more than any person should have to put up with. Thanks, Ms. Cake!