Friday, February 5, 2016

Ted Cruz's Probing Logo - We Should TRUS Him!

From Hlinko at Daily Kos
You know that “TrusTed” logo?   The one with TRUS and TED merged, yet separated via different colors?  
Turns out that when you Google “TRUS”, the logo at once becomes hilarious and hilariously appropriate: 
"A transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) is an ultrasound technique that is used to view a man's prostate and surrounding tissues. The ultrasound transducer (probe) sends sound waves through the wall of the rectum into the prostate gland, which is located directly in front of the rectum."
Yup, that’s the very top Google result.   Basically, it’s an anal probe.  Which makes us even more certain that he’s actually an alien. 
Well done, Ted!

BONUS:   Perhaps we won't have "Tailgunner Ted" to TRUS kick around much longer.

(h/t to Friend of the Blog and dear friend P.E.C.)


Gerald Parks said...

Well that settles THAT ..he is not just an ass ...but an asshole!

WHackwhacker said...

Truth in labeling!