Friday, April 29, 2016

Bibi Bomb Bomb's Latest Outrage

The Obama Administration is prepared to provide Israel with an unprecedented amount of military aid under a new 10-year agreement beginning in 2018, but right-wing Likudnik Bibi "Bomb Bomb" Netanyahu is trying to stiff arm the Administration by holding out for even more in an attempt to embarrass Obama once again. The current amount on the table is $40 billion over 10 years, the largest amount ever provided to any country for military aid. Bomb Bomb reportedly wants $50 billion in total. The U.S. is also seeking a commitment by Bomb Bomb and his Likudniks not to lobby Congress while the 10-year agreement is in effect, something that they are in the habit of doing since both houses have shifted to Republican control. Since the current agreement doesn't expire until 2018, the Likudniks think they may be able to force a better deal out of the next President and Congress. It might be well to advise Bomb Bomb that the extraordinary package being offered will be reduced by $100 million each month that the agreement remains unsigned, and see how fast he gets to the negotiating table.

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