Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donald Trump - Tax Fraud?

As the American media continues its shiny- object obsession with Hillary Clinton's private State Department e-mail server (see post below), foreign media is commiting actual journalism (!) by probing into neo- fascist con artist, dangerous demagogue and Republican nomination clincher Donald "Rump" Trump's history of shady business dealings.  Here's what The Telegraph (U.K.) turned up yesterday about a 2007 deal:
Exclusive: Donald Trump signed off on a controversial business deal that was designed to deprive the US Government of tens of millions of dollars in tax, the Telegraph can disclose.

The billionaire approved a $50 million investment in a company – only for the deal to be rewritten several weeks later as a ‘loan’.

Experts say that the effect of this move was to skirt vast tax liabilities, and court papers seen by the Telegraph allege that the deal amounted to fraud.

Independent tax accountants and lawyers said that the documents Mr Trump signed – copies of which were obtained by this newspaper as part of a three-month investigation - contained “red flags” indicating the deal was irregular.

But the Republican presumptive presidential nominee signed nonetheless.
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Did we say "shady business dealings?"  We meant "fraudulent business dealings."  Not to mention harmful to average American taxpayers:
Bob McIntyre, director of the US-based Citizens for Tax Justice campaign group, said the disclosures raised serious questions about Mr Trump’s judgment as well as that of his advisers.  [snip]

Jack Blum, chairman of the Tax Justice Network and a financial crime attorney, said Mr Trump was a "poster child" for tax avoidance property schemes, which ultimately harm the middle-income American. 
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No wonder Rump-- who's the walking, talking id of all things loathsome -- refuses to release his tax returns.  What other "bombshells" (h/t Willard "Mittens" Romney) are in there waiting to be discovered?

We already know he lies about his wealth and charitable donations (which is important to Rump's shallow sense of self).

We know about the multiple business debacles of this dealmaking "genius."

We know he's a narcissistic sociopath who was rooting for the housing market to collapse in 2008 so he could buy properties on the cheap.

Should anyone but the most loyal Stormtrumper doubt that is just the tip of the iceberg?

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