Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Young Republican Leader Jumps Ship

Despite an increasing number of Rethuglicans who have forfeited their honor and sense of shame to support presumptive nominee and neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump, there are a few who can't stomach the idea of voting for him.  One of those is Katrina Jorgensen, who resigned as communications chair for the Young Republicans National Federation, a group that works to get young voters aligned with the Republican/New Confederate/Stupid/Shooters Party. For Ms. Jorgensen, Rump was too big of an orange pill to swallow:
"We have been told for years how we are the future of the party, this is our opportunity to seize that future. But if we have instead decided to uphold a man who does not represent us or our views -- a man that has belittled war heroes, explicitly stated misogynist beliefs, relied on intimidation of minorities, insulted our international allies, rewarded violence, championed divisive rhetoric and proved completely uneducated in conservative fiscal policy -- I cannot participate in that....
Many of you may choose to support Trump in order to beat Hillary Clinton, that is your decision. For me, I cannot support a candidate who endorses bigotry and lawlessness, with a minimal understanding of the fiscal policies long associated with our party, even if he does have an 'R' after his name." 
We wonder how many potential Katrina Jorgensens are holding their tongues, disgusted with the knowledge that Rump will represent them but unwilling to buck the party line. They need to speak out and step away.

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