Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Shocking! Money-Grubbing Trump Not So Charitable After All

The once great Washington Post Bezos Bugle has a look at the claims by neo- fascist shitgibbon* Donald "Rump" Trump that he's given away millions to charity.  As with the vast majority of what comes out of Rump's pie- hole, the pathological liar does what pathological liars do:
In May, under pressure from the news media, Donald Trump made good on a pledge he made four months earlier: He gave $1 million to a nonprofit group helping veterans’ families. 
Before that, however, when was the last time that Trump had given any of his own money to a charity? [snip]
 ...[I]n the 15 years prior to the veterans’ gift, public records show that Trump donated about $2.8 million through a foundation set up to give his money away — less than a third of the pledged amount — and nothing since 2009. Records show Trump has given nothing to his foundation since 2008 [snip]
In recent weeks, The Post tried to answer the question by digging up records going back to the late 1980s and canvassing a wide swath of nonprofits with some connection to Trump. 
That research showed that Trump has a long-standing habit of promising to give to charity. But Trump’s follow-through on those promises was middling — even at the beginning, in his early days as a national celebrity. [snip]
In recent years, Trump’s ­follow-through on his promises has been seemingly nonexistent. 
The Post contacted 188 charities searching for evidence of personal gifts from Trump in the period between 2008 and this May. The Post sought out charities that had some link to Trump, either because he had given them his foundation’s money, appeared at their charity galas or praised them publicly. 
The search turned up just one donation in that period — a 2009 gift of between $5,000 and $9,999 to the Police Athletic League of New York City.  (our emphasis)
One donation.  One, for less than $10,000, since 2009.  When he did open his wallet, Rump gave much more to the tony schools his spawn attended than to worthy charities like AIDS research and helping the homeless. We think we'd be on very safe ground to say the average middle- class American gave much more to charity in that timeframe than did this purported billionaire.

The entire article is worth a read because it shows, as if the point needed amplifying, what a lying narcissist Rump is and why he's refusing to release his tax returns.  His paltry non- existent "charitable" giving is just one more of the "bombshells" =cough= paid no taxes =cough= he's eager to hide from public view.

*Long live Scotland!

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