Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's Hope He Gets "Montezuma's Revenge"

The campaign of neo-fascist bigot Donald "Rump" Trump announced a hastily planned meeting today between Rump and Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City. The meeting comes at the invitation extended by President Peña Nieto to both Rump and Hillary Clinton to discuss bilateral relations. Rump is widely despised in Mexico, after over a year of bashing undocumented immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers" and promising to build a wall that Mexico would pay for.

We would hope that Peña Nieto would use the opportunity to humiliate Rump in what promises to be a widely-covered event (wouldn't this be a priceless trick: "Senor Trump has assured me privately that building the wall is just empty rhetoric to satisfy his ignorant followers").  The Mexican President is suffering from record low approval ratings, due to corruption scandals, so this presents an win-win opportunity for him to stand up for his people and denounce Rump as an ignorant bigot. He's undoubtedly aware that Rump will be making a speech on immigration in Arizona later today, where Rump will likely reference the meeting.

In the meantime, Twitter is erupting with tweets mocking the visit by Rump. Our favorites:

BONUS:  Then there's Andy Borowitz:
President Barack Obama defended his decision on Wednesday to issue a payment of five billion dollars to Mexico to compel that nation to retain custody of Donald J. Trump. 
The payment, which will be delivered to the Mexican government in hard American currency by Wednesday afternoon, will insure that Trump will remain in Mexico for the rest of his natural life. 
“I have been assured by the government of Mexico that Mr. Trump will be well taken care of and, if he proves to be a productive member of their society, will be provided a pathway to Mexican citizenship,” Obama said.

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