Monday, August 22, 2016

Quote of the Day: Gum On The Shoe

"At this point, the whole e-mail business is nothing more or less than gum on the [Clinton] campaign's shoe. The campaign press, of course, is slavering for a press conference so it can grill her for an hour or so about the gum on her campaign's shoe, which is probably the reason why she hasn't had one in quite some time. (Pro Tip: candidates are not obligated in any way to have press conferences.) Meanwhile, Trump's tax returns remain in a locked vault beneath what's left of the Taj in Atlantic City. These returns, I suspect, are not gum on the campaign's shoe but a millstone tied around the campaign's ankle." --'s Charles P. Pierce, correctly noting the utter lack of perspective by our broken, shallow media. So here's the choice: the bombshells in the taxes of neo-fascist con man Donald "Rump" Trump, whom a former CIA Director has (charitably) called "an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation," and whose company has received untold millions in "investments" from Russia vs. Hillary Clinton's e-mail "gum" that the FBI hasn't thought enough of to recommend prosecution of any kind.  One would think our crack "journalists" would find he former set of facts of far greater interest. One would be wrong.

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