Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Carpe Crotch-Em" And The Art of Fraud

From the master satirist Stephen Colbert, riffing last night on the $25 million Trump "University" fraud case settlement paid to his victims by fraudster and master con man Donald "Rump" Trump, an address to the "graduating plaintiffs":

"...You are uniquely poised to take on that challenge, because real world experience is the best teacher. And you’ve been conned by a master. I hope and pray that you will take the lessons of Trump University with you. The future is what you make of it! And also, never take business advice from a man who can’t sell vodka or steaks....So go out there and be a shining example of Trump University’s timeless motto: ‘Carpe Crotch-em.’”
It's pathetic that the corporate media in this country decided that covering non-scandals of the Clinton Foundation -- which provides many millions to fight disease and poverty -- was far more important than covering Rump's real ones, among them Trump "University" (which drained the savings of thousands of trusting people) and his self-dealing "Foundation." Shame.

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