Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cluck Clucking Quote of the Day

"Trump is the GOP's chickens coming home to roost. When you spend 40 to 50 years doing racially coded stuff in your campaigns, Trump is the illegitimate child that's born of that. He is the logical consequence of a lot of this coded language and dog-whistle stuff." -- African-American Charles Badger, long-time Rethuglican strategist, operative, and a Bush family rent-a-minority, bemoaning his party's choice of a racist demagogue for the Presidency. Yet, Mr. Badger apparently had no moral qualms working for the family that employed the likes of racist Machiavellian Lee Atwater and who cozied up to the Trent Lotts and Jesse Helms of America. He was toiling in the fetid swamp of the Rethuglican "Southern Strategy" as long as the checks kept coming, and as long as the "coded language" that he now deplores provided him some semblance of cover for his hypocrisy.

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