Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The New York Times Is Whitewashing History And Kissing "Mr. President" Trump's Ass, Too

The tweets don't lie (unlike some "journalists"):

Boehlert's referring to this "too stupid for words" analysis (with an emphasis on "anal") in the New York Effing Times:

Meanwhile, the transcript of the shitgibbon's meeting yesterday with the intrepid news hounds at the New York Effing Times comes out, so let's see what probing questions they asked:

Given that that NYT "reporter" is Trump enabler and "Hamilton" manners arbiter Maggie Haberman, one's expectations must be lowered considerably... oh, and Haberman, he's not the president yet, you slavering, ingratiating ass- kisser.
We all know the answer to that one (see, "Haberman, Maggie" for starters).

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