Tuesday, November 29, 2016

With A Little Help From His Friends

Two shameless enthusiasts of normalizing sociopathic liar Donald "Rump" Trump are the execrable duo of MSNBC's Morning Joke who provided him endless hours of fawning exposure for the past 18 months. Squint and the Meat Puppet (as Charles Pierce of Esquire.com has named them) are now reportedly huddling with the Rump team, with Squint "advising" Rump informally and the Meat Puppet scurrying into Trump Tower today for a session with The P*ssygrabber. The two briefly feuded with Rump during the primaries, and Rump famously threatened to "spill the beans" on the two's widely-assumed off-camera sexual affair, but have clearly patched things up since then.

These two fake journalists are celebrity-stroking opportunists who've managed to survive the morning cable TV wars....for now. But their failure to acknowledge responsibility for their prominent role in advancing Rump's political career marks them as amoral hacks, who surround themselves each morning with the usual yes-men whose job is to affirm Squint's brilliance while the Meat Puppet gazes at him affectionately. That doesn't stop them from frequent, clueless social media howlers, like this one on Twitter. The responses to the tweet -- some of which we've sampled -- are juicy.

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