Saturday, December 10, 2016

America First (Except When It Comes To The Party)

As an important sidebar to the CIA report on Russia's successful effort to install its useful idiot, Donald "Rump" Trump, as President, we note that Rethug Senate Leader and turtle / human hybrid Mitch "Missy" McConnell and fellow Rethug members of Congress discounted the CIA findings back in September when they were briefed by the CIA. When presented with an opportunity to stand up for his country and expose the dealings of Russia to (as Rump would say) rig the election in Rump's favor, Missy argued for silence about the report, so as not to interfere with Russia's brazen plan.

It's certainly within our memory that withholding such information by a U.S. Senator would have been grounds for expulsion from the Senate, if not prosecution, for enabling a hostile foreign power that was literally selecting our next President. He actually threatened to claim the analysis was a false "partisan" attack by Dems, knowing that was a lie.

We have Rethuglicans at the highest levels of Government who will choose the electoral success of their depraved Party over their country and its free elections safeguarded by the Constitution. They'll choose the interests of Putin's Russia over their country's, if it enhances their power and their Party. Doesn't that border on treason?

BONUS: From the "independent Republican" opponent of Rump:
BONUS II:  Jon Chait also lays into the despicable McConnell in a must- read article:
Even the most cynical observer of McConnell — a cynical man to his bones — would have been shocked at his raw partisanship. Presented with an attack on the sanctity of his own country’s democracy by a hostile foreign power, his overriding concern was party over country. Obama’s fear of seeming partisan held him back from making a unilateral statement without partisan cover. No such fear restrained McConnell.
(photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)


Grung_e_Gene said...

Party over Principle, Property over People, Power over Peace. RepublicaNazi Hierarchy of Needs.

Hackwhackers said...

Profit over Planet, Lies over Truth, too.

One Fly said...

Capitalism will never be denied.

These people lie cheat and steal to win and if that don't work they'll fucking kill you. And now you have to add committing treason to that.