Thursday, December 8, 2016

Be Resolute And Resist!

Charles Blow reacts to neo- fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump's being named Time magazine's "Person of the Year," and the ease with which demagogues can distract and obscure as Rump forms his administration around plutocrats and military brass:
I feel like America is being flashed by a giant neuralyzer, à la “Men In Black.” We are in danger of forgetting what has happened and losing sight, in the fog of confusion and concealment, of the profundity of the menace taking shape right before us. 
That is our challenge: To see clearly what this deceiver wants to obscure; to be resolute about that to which he wants us to be resigned; to understand that Time’s man of the year is, by words and deeds, more of a madman of the year.
It's important to be resolute in opposition, because as E.J. Dionne, Jr., writes --
For the next two and probably four years, a majority of Americans will be governed by politicians largely elected by a minority of us. With the country already sharply divided, this is a problem that can no longer be politely ignored. Worse still, a government put in place by the peculiar workings of an outdated system is threatening to pursue quite radical policies destined to arouse considerable resistance from the disempowered majority. 
Never, never forget that the shitgibbon and his toxic white nationalist movement were rejected by over 54 percent of American voters.  As Dionne says, we're the disempowered majority. Rump, his white nationalist morons, and Congressional Republicans will try to "govern" as an extremist minority that will seek to stifle dissent and intimidate opposition (see here and here for recent examples). The next 4 years are going to test many of us in our resolution to stand up for the values of tolerance, inclusion and equality that have been under siege by Republicans for decades.

Don't look for many allies in the corporate media.  Don't expect elected "let's compromise" Democrats to realize the enormous stakes and suddenly grow a spine.  For better or worse, this is likely to be a battle initially engaged at the grassroots level (and, btw, here are some good warriors that could use your help now more than ever!).  We're already seeing battle lines being drawn around Obamacare/ Medicare/ Medicaid, women's health, global climate change and voter suppression. We gain nothing by playing on Republicans' terms, only to have everything we've stood for disassembled by a gang of cutthroat Social Darwinists and white nationalist authoritarians.

These are not "normal" times, and we're not dealing with politics- as- usual.  Let's stay sharp and keep our eyes on the ball.

BONUS:  Did we say "never, never forget"? --


Ed said...

The majority rejects both sides by not voting. Voters are the "extremist minority".

W. Hackwhacker said...

Right, but if it's a rejection, it's a passive -- or passive/aggressive -- one. Those who informed themselves and got off their asses to get to the polls are what counted in this or any other election.