Friday, December 9, 2016

Deranged Rudy 9-11 Won't Be In Cabinet

Deranged shouty-face Rudy "Noun Verb 9-11" Giuliani wants you to believe that he took himself out of consideration for a Cabinet position, most prominently Secretary of State, when the news broke today that he was consigned to Trumpland's political peanut gallery. That's nonsense of course;  lying Rudy 9-11 was lobbying hard for Secretary of State, and everyone knows it.

Some are seeing the dumping of the perpetually snarling former mayor as a "victory" for the Rethug establishment wing, who still want a diplomacy-friendly Willard "Mittens" Romney or a Sen. Bob "Pop The" Corker for the job, rather than another egomaniacal loose cannon on the world stage. More likely, the advisors around neo-fascist sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump were concerned that a brutal Senate confirmation fight would delve into crazy Rudy's international business dealings with various thugs and despots, and closer to home, his role in the rogue New York City FBI caper nine days before the election that stirred up more bogus Clinton e-mail chatter. That last item is a landmine, and is the subject of a lawsuit against the FBI that may implicate Rudy 9-11 (and Rump) in making false allegations to the FBI prompting them to obtain a search warrant for e-mails on Anthony "My Name Is My Fame" Weiner's laptop.

We hope that the next time we hear from this despicable man is in a court of law, facing appropriate Federal charges, so we can say, "lock him up."

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