Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gold Coins Quote of the Day

"The lesson of Putin’s 16-year tenure is a lesson that all businesspeople, foreign and domestic, have learned: To do business in Russia, you have to be on good, personal terms with Putin and [Russian oil executive] Sechin. And you have to understand that those two gatekeepers to Russia’s riches are fickle and sadistic, and, as former KGB operatives, know little of real friendship. To do business in Russia—both for Exxon Mobil and for Tillerson’s own massive retirement fund, whose fortunes would rise significantly if a Trump White House lifted sanctions—you have to dance to Putin’s tune, and take whatever favors and humiliations he sends your way. Putin may act a friend and pin state medals on your breast, but he is, ultimately, a cynic. And to play ball with him, you have to be a cynic, too. Forget your honor, your rule of law, your independent judiciary, your human rights, your international law, and focus on the gold coins he throws to your feet. And forget looking dignified as you gather them up." (emphasis added) -- Julia Ioffe, in a great article on Secretary of State-designee Rex "T Rex" Tillerson's disturbing relationship with Russian autocrat Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin and Russian oligarchs. Her entire article is must reading, and should be read by every Senator who will consider T Rex's nomination. He must be rejected by the Senate.

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