Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hackwhackers' Movie Time

This time of the year, the movie studios release their biggest projects, both to capitalize on the vacation time and spending around Christmas and to set up their promotion for spring's film awards. One film that's gotten attention is "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", which is now playing in theaters. A clue that it's a special film are the attacks from white supremacists who accuse it of being too "multicultural," and who are boycotting the film. We're not Star Wars fans, and this reportedly isn't another film along the lines of the George Lucas / J.J. Abrams franchise (it's produced by Disney studios), although it does tie into those classics. What drives the white supremacists rage is that a collection of courageous non-whites, women, and even aliens battle a white, reactionary force bent on dominating the universe (a little too close to home, wingnuts?)

The film is not overtly political or religious, but manages to subtly infuse many positive and heroic themes and values into the film that progressives would appreciate. And it manages to do that in an epic way, with excellent writing, acting and effects. Think Progress' Jack Jenkins has a worthy review of the film, and concludes:
"It’s an awe-inspiring moment of cinema that depicts — in visceral fashion — the grim reality of what heroism often looks like to those who live it. Not only is this misfit band of wounded warriors fighting an unimaginably powerful war machine that can destroy planets, they are also given the harrowing responsibility of confronting an evil, cape-wearing demon with god-like powers and seemingly no sense of empathy. Yet over and over again, the sacrifice of Rogue One’s characters — be it Saw Gerrera, Jyn, or pretty much every major character in this film — drive the same point home: at times, to resist power is to stare death and certain defeat in the face and not just accept it, but embrace it. Sometimes that means not succeeding, or even knowing if you will — not everyone gets the applause and acclaim enjoyed by Luke Skywalker. But the effort alone is worth it all the same, because maybe, just maybe, it will make all the difference. 
It’s no wonder white supremacists would boycott such a film. Although wrapped in a fictional universe, it’s a reminder of what real-life humanity was willing to sacrifice to defeat them in the first place, and why those who mire themselves in such wanton hatred — no matter what weapons they construct or how powerful they become — will always lose." (emphasis added)
You may want to add it to your holiday to-do list. You'll see a memorable film while pissing off the white supremacists.

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