Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Been A Day Of Disturbing Events

In addition to the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, there've been a lot of disturbing events today.

A truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market in the German capital Berlin on Monday evening, killing nine people and injuring up to 50 others, police said. 
German media, citing police at the scene, said first indications pointed to an attack on the market, situated at the foot of the ruined Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church, which was kept as a bombed-out ruin after World War Two. 
Berlin police stated on Twitter that officers had arrested a suspicious person near the incident, but it is currently unclear if it was the driver. The passenger in the truck died during the incident, police said.
A man stormed into a Zurich mosque and opened fire on people praying on Monday evening, injuring three people, police said. 
Two of the three men - aged 30, 35 and 56 years - were seriously injured, Zurich city police said. 
The suspect, a man around the age of 30 years old according to witness accounts, had fled the mosque and was believed to have left the building, police said. 
Last but not least, the United States:
There were many protesters but few faithless electors as Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote Monday — ensuring he will become America's 45th president. 
It's a mad world, for sure.

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