Friday, December 9, 2016

Rump's Assault On White Working Class Just Starting - QOTD

"You voted for Donald Trump, thinking that he was on your side; that he will save your jobs and your way of life, whatever you imagine that is. Well, you got played. Over the course of his decades in business, Donald Trump has never given a damn about people like you. When he tore down the old Bonwit Teller building—where my Jamaican godmother was one of the few black women allowed to work as a cashier in the 1960s (her big claim to fame was meeting Troy Donahue)—to build Trump Tower, Trump used undocumented white laborers, mostly Polish, to do it. When his company forced them to work in deplorable, dangerous conditions and even failed to pay them the meager wages they were promised and they complained, Trump threatened to have them deported."  (emphasis added) -- Joy-Ann Reid, in the Daily Beast, writing a letter to the "Working-Class White Trump Voter." 

There's much, much more on Reid's list of how the white working class Trump voter has gotten it -- or will shortly get it -- in the chops by their "blue collar billionaire." We note in the post below that he's already going after unions and their leadership, and appointing Cabinet officials who are absolutely hostile to workers, including the execrable Andy "The Putz" Puzder as Labor Secretary. To make matters more ominous for his gullible blue collar supporters in coal country, plutocratic sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump's Rethug partners in Congress are pushing several anti-labor measures, including a cut-off of retired miners' health and pension benefits in the latest continuing resolution. Add to that the Rethug Congress' plans to turn Medicare into a voucher system, to privatize Social Security with a stock market component, and to make Medicaid part of a bloc grant to States, all of which impact working families, the poor and elderly. Those of you who voted for Rump thinking something different would happen? "Well, you got played."

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