Thursday, December 15, 2016

SC Racist Mass Killer Convicted

A jury in Charleston, SC today convicted racist killer Dylann Roof of all 33 felony counts related to his cold-blooded massacre of nine African-American church goers as they prayed with him in June, 2015. It took the 12 jurors less than two hours to convict him on all counts, paving the way for the penalty phase of the trial. Roof showed no emotion when the verdict was read, and has never expressed remorse. Roof has indicated he wants to represent himself in that phrase, meaning he'll have not only a fool for a lawyer, but a cowardly racist one at that. The prosecution is demanding the death penalty.

Roof was a violent, Confederate flag-waving white supremacist, whose social media was filled with statements of hate toward African-Americans. After trying to flee the scene of the massacre, Roof confessed to the killings, aware that he was videotaped entering the church brandishing a handgun.

If the jury recommends the death penalty, South Carolina gives people sentenced to be executed the choice of lethal injection or the electric chair. Whether he is executed or is sentenced to 9 consecutive life sentences without parole, nothing is too harsh for this monster.

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