Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stormtrumpers Fight Over Nazi Salute At Inauguration Ball

It seems some of the brownshirt cockroaches celebrating neo- fascist white nationalist Donald "Rump" Trump's inauguration have been having quite a time putting on their "DeploraBall" (Get it? Hur hur).

First, a ballroom in Northern Virginia decided they hadn't actually agreed to host it and told the little stormtrumpers to f*ck off.  Now, having found a new venue (the National Press Club!), they've found something else to get their pure white tighty whities in a knot about:
A major fight has broken out among Trump’s white nationalist fans over whether they should celebrate Trump’s pending inauguration by showering him with Nazi salutes. 
Alt-right leader Mike Cernovich, who is organizing the Deploraball, started a massive fight this week after he told popular alt-right Twitter personality @bakedalaska that he couldn’t attend the party if he was going to do Nazi salutes of the kind that white nationalist Richard Spencer encouraged during his talk at the National Policy Institute conference earlier this month. [snip] 
The neo-Nazis at The Daily Stormer quickly got involved and declared that Cernovich was a member of the “cuck/kike contingent of the Trump movement” who had “banned… heroes such as Richard Spencer and Sam Hyde” from attending the inauguration ball, while still inviting “Alt-Light figures attempting to kike-over the Alt-Right by making it non-racist and accepting of Jews.”  (our emphasis)
(Aside: "@bakedalaska?"  Shouldn't that be "@half-bakedalaska?" Also, Cernovich is a real piece of work.)

Apparently, trolling people on the internet and conducting armed anti- Semitic marches doesn't occupy enough of their time, so some are engaged in bitter warfare over whether Rump's already betrayed their shit wit "cause," especially regarding "The Jews."  Rest easy, dimwits, and be assured Rump has your interests at heart; he'd just like you to keep the profile down for now.

BONUS:  Wonkette has it covered.

(Photo: neo-Nazis at Richard Spencer's konklave in Washington, DC, after the election.)

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