Friday, December 16, 2016

The Rethuglican Coup In North Carolina [UPDATED]

When they don't win elections without cheating, lying and foreign assistance, Rethuglicans obstruct, sabotage, and cripple the incoming Democratic administration. In North Carolina, the Rethug-controlled state legislature held an extraordinary session solely for the purpose of passing measures that limit the powers of the incoming Dem Governor, Roy Cooper, who beat Rethug bathroom monitor Pat "Private Parts Pat" McCrory in November. Along with their reactionary transgender policies that made North Carolina an economic pariah, McCrory and the Rethugs tried to rig the voting by racially gerrymandering 28 state senate and house to help elect Rethugs, a ploy that was struck down by Federal District Court in North Carolina.

The Rethugs are fighting a long term rear guard action, playing games with voting rights and gerrymandering districts to their advantage, pumping dark money into their campaigns, and otherwise undermining democracy in order to retain power, since their positions on most issues are unpopular.

The post-election coup in North Carolina is just the latest skirmish in this struggle.

UPDATE: Protesters storm state capitol in Raleigh, while Gov.-elect Cooper says he'll fight the Rethugs' coup in court.


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