Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump's Cabinet of the Forgotten....Nincompoop?

We note in the post below that sociopathic neo-fascist Donald "Rump" Trump is setting up a Cabinet full of multi-millonaires and billionaires, virtually none with any government experience. Now comes word that snowbilly grifter and walking word salad Sarah "Winky" Palin is one of the names being considered for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, despite having zero background in veterans issues (save for blaming President Obama for her son Tigger Trigger Topper Track's PTSD). For someone who quit her last job of Governor of Alaska halfway through the term, this signals Rump's lack of seriousness about the pressing need for the care and treatment of veterans. It would also set up a battle for Senate confirmation, especially for the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, who don't see the position to head the Veterans Administration as a political plum to be offered to an incompetent nincompoop, regardless of her appeal to the right-wing imbeciles that adore her.

Earlier this year, Winky had expressed an interest in -- heaven help us -- the Energy Department, a Department which she clearly has no idea about, as demonstrated in this clip from CNN where she declares "energy is my baby," before yakking about oil, gas, etc. that "God has dumped on this part of the Earth..."  In the next breath, she says she's going to quickly "get rid of it", as if she has the sole power to eliminate statutory agencies. It's shocking in its profound ignorance, even for Winky:

What Winky obviously doesn't know is that the vast majority of the Energy Department's resources have nothing to do with drillin' and diggin'. It's the agency that manages our nuclear weapons r & d (including the Naval nuclear reactors program), along with cutting-edge energy research managed by our National Laboratories. Again, any confirmation hearing with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (even dominated by Rethugs) would be brutal to someone so utterly shallow and disinterested in the mission of the Department.  Make this joke Ambassador to the Russian Federation: we would show Putin what we --the majority of Americans -- really thought of him, and she's an expert on Russia in her own mind since she can see it from her house.

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