Sunday, January 29, 2017

Department of Extreme Understatement

"This was an extreme vetting program that wasn't properly vetted." -- Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, dryly commenting on CNN on authoritarian sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump's abrupt order banning travel from several Muslim countries, even for those in transit holding valid visas. Officials at the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice were given little or no warning of Rump's executive order, which apparently is going to be the seat-of-the-pants "management" style of his White (supremacist) House, and specifically that of wingnut propagandist and chief "strategist" Steve "Loose Cannon" Bannon.  Rump's chief of staff and human/weasel hybrid Reince "Prepuce" Priebus contradicted himself on NBC this morning, seeming unsure of what Rump's policy actually was. 

We suppose in one sense we're fortunate that they're so incompetent, and their vicious "policies" are so poorly thought out and executed, it gives the opposition greater leverage and chances of winning in the Federal courts -- and ultimately in the court of public opinion.

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