Friday, January 27, 2017

Honoring Holocaust Remembrance Day -- With A Criminal Alien List

What fresh evidence is there of the reality of the Orwellian shitpile we fell into a week ago today? There's so much to choose from -- paying off Putin by lifting economic sanctions, the "voter fraud" investigation that will end up as a cover for more voter suppression, the sabotaging of economic ties with major trading partner Mexico --  ad infinitum, all in a mere 7 days.  But this deserves special attention for that certain je ne sais quoi ripe odor of American fascism:
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Yesterday, however, Donald Trump decided to “celebrate” a day early by signing an executive order requiring the Secretary of Homeland Security to “make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens” — which is a thing the Nazis did back during the days of the Third Reich in a little magazine known as “The Criminal Jew!” Trump hopes this will convince people that all the immigrants are bad criminals whom we should hate, just as the Nazis… well, you know.
Perhaps neo- fascist authoritarian Donald "Rump" Trump, who reportedly kept a copy of speeches by Adolf Hitler by his bed, came up with the "idea" on his own. Or perhaps unhinged toad Steve "Bubble Boy" Bannon just cooked it up, without consulting adults. After all, the ex- Breitbart fascist's electronic rag was known to publish lists of crimes committed by African Americans under the tag "Black Crime" as a counterpoint to the Black Lives Matter movement, so we can well imagine this is another sick "idea" from this loathsome creep.

A Muslim registry (a revival of NSEERS?) is already in the works, after all.  But, their Islamophobia may only go so far: they may be exempting people from Muslim countries where (wait for it) there are Trump hotels and properties.

We know, surprising.

BONUS: By the way, guess who omitted mentioning Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement?

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