Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Gift To A Grateful Canada

Stepping away for a moment from the Russian-Flynn-Rump blackmail intrigue unfolding, we noticed that when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at the White House yesterday, he apparently took time out to get one reassuring commitment from sociopath and con man Donald "Rump" Trump. Undoubtedly responding to back-channel Canadian alarm, the White (Supremacist) House assured Trudeau that full time snowbilly grifter and former half-term Governor of Alaska Sara "Winky" Palin would not be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Canada.  That makes the third Rump administration job that has been suggested for Winky, only to be hastily withdrawn by cooler heads. Earlier speculation was that Winky was being considered for the jobs of Secretary of the Interior (privatize those national parks!) and Secretary of Energy (drill, baby, drill!).

We can imagine Prime Minister Trudeau's relief that his government and the Canadian people would not have to deal with Winky's grifting self-promotion, not to mention her proud, aggressive ignorance and unfamiliarity with the English language. Canada's just too nice for that punishment.

(photo: Winky spotted hitching outside of Moose Jaw, Canada, on her way to Ottawa. Too late, Winky, but maybe you can bag a moose!)

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