Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn Fail (UPDATED)

Conspiracy theorist and possible Russian mole Michael "Jack D. Ripper" Flynn abruptly resigned last night as National Security Advisor after it was revealed that the Justice Department had warned the White House weeks ago that Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia after he lied about discussing the lifting of sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. Those phone conversations occured before incompetent meatstick Donald "Rump" Trump's inauguration, making it a violation of the Logan Act.

What made Flynn's departure inevitable was the position he allegedly put VP Mike "Dense" Pense in by misleading him about the Russian phone calls. At least, that's the story the Rump team is going with. There are many remaining questions, however, about who in the White House knew about the Justice Department's warning about the potential blackmail threat to Flynn. We know that White House counsel Donald McGahn was directly informed by former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, before she was fired by Rump, but what if anything did McGahn do with that information? We believe that if and when he went to Rump with the information, Rump brushed it off, either because 1) he thought it would disappear amid the chaos he was generating daily, 2) he was the one who asked Flynn to call the Russian ambassador to reassure them about lifting sanctions, or 3) both of the above. Just because Flynn has flown doesn't mean there's not more mischief to reveal.

BONUS: From the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia:

BONUS II:  We know the answer to the issues posed in this statement:
"'Now, we in Congress need to know who authorized his actions, permitted them, and continued to let him have access to our most sensitive national security information despite knowing these risks,' said Representatives Elijah Cummings of Maryland and John Conyers of Michigan. 'We need to know who else within the White House is a current and ongoing risk to our national security.'”
Um, that would be Rump.

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