Thursday, February 9, 2017

Please Patronize Nordstrom's To Piss Trump Off

Unstable con man and burgeoning kleptocrat Donald "Rump" Trump's core belief is that he and his family should still be allowed to grift from the White House. His family hasn't been shy about monetizing the Office of the President, or reacting poorly when things don't go his family's way.  As we noted yesterday, the latest example is his attempt to bully Nordstrom's with a silly tweet over their business decision to drop daughter Ivanka's clothing line because it wasn't selling.
While he may have expected Nordstrom to cave or to suffer losses, their stock actually went up. Watching that development (rather than doing his job), Rump sent his alternative facts generator, human / pirhana hybrid Kellyanne "Orwellyanne" Conway, out to unethically  illegally shill for the family business, saying "Go buy Ivanka's stuff." (ed.-- "stuff" is Orwellyanne's alternative way of saying "shit.") Other businesses are following suit, including Neiman Marcus, T J Maxx and Marshalls, to name just three. It's likely that sales of her line are down because, as Stephen Colbert put it last night, “Evidently, not a lot of women wanted clothes that made them attractive to their fathers.”

If you want to use your consumer power against the Rump kleptocracy, we suggest you visit  for a list of companies to avoid doing business with.

BONUS: The watchdog group CREW has filed an ethics complaint against Orwellyanne. Hopefully, others will join in the fun. She's also been "counseled" for her behavior.

(photo: Eewwwww.)

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