Monday, February 20, 2017

QOTD: Russia's "Psychological Portrait" Of Trump

"Very serious preparatory work is going on in the Kremlin, including a paper — seven pages — describing a psychological portrait of Trump, especially based on this last two to three months, and the last weeks." (emphasis added) -- Andrei Fedorov, Russia's former Deputy Foreign Minister, as interviewed by NBC News. While we think they had the raw intelligence long ago, we can spare them the preparatory work on his psychological portrait: narcissistic personality disorder, pathological liar, delusions of grandeur, selfish kleptocrat with authoritarian tendencies. There, no charge.

As to the "paper" itself, apparently Russian autocrat Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin is increasingly concerned that his investment in Rump might be going south, with his unstable behavior, the certain exposure of his Russian ties, and his self-defeating war with the media (and truth). Fedorov told NBC that the portrait is being prepared in advance of Putin's yet-to-be-scheduled meeting with Rump, and that:
"(Russia) should avoid any kind of step that could damage Trump. Trump cannot come to a meeting with Putin as a loser — he must sort out his domestic problems first." (emphasis added)
Yes, Russia wouldn't want to do anything "that could damage Trump." It took too much time, and too many resources (investments in his properties, etc.) and risks to put him where he is, only to pull the plug.....for now.

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