Thursday, February 16, 2017

Quote Of The Day: Putingate Is Not A "One-Off"

"This scandal is not a one-off that will fade with time. Rather, it is the first peek into the dark vision of America's liar-in-chief. The response from House Republicans, who are putting Trump ahead of country and party, is disturbing. [snip] House Republicans should ask themselves some questions: Why should we be loyal to a man who is only nominally a Republican? Were we elected to serve Trump or our nation’s best interests? Is Trump the kind of man we want our party to be identified with? And how much are we willing to risk our own positions and the long-term interests of our party to protect Trump from himself?" (emphasis added) -- from David Cay Johnson's article in the Daily Beast. House Rethuglicans, up for reelection in less than 20 months (and primaries even sooner), won't buck the monster in the White House.

As we noted in today's Morning Reading, as long as they can get their tax cuts for the top income bracket, and gut affordable health care and regulations that restrain polluters and Wall Street predators, they'll look the other way, even in the face of treason.


Feline Mama said...

You know, if we didn't have the internets/blogs around today, we'd be soo in the dark. Can't really rely on the "T.V. News". I truly wasn't totally aware of the facts of Watergate, at the time. Actually, it wasn't til "All The President's Men" came out did I have a clue.
So, Thank You ALL, for what YOU do. We Americans have to do OUR part. Stay informed, stay engaged!

Hackwhackers said...

Thanks for your readership and support, F.M.!