Sunday, February 19, 2017

Running Scared, Rump Retreats To Safe Space

After a chaotic and disastrous first month in office, neo-fascist demagogue Donald "Rump" Trump fled the White House for the security blanket of a rally of his white supremacist supporters in Florida yesterday. Speaking in the deeply red region of Melbourne, he addressed his supporters gathered in an airplane hanger, and delivered the usual rant about the "dishonest press," while throwing in some laughable "successes" of the first month (great month, if you ignore the Flynn scandal, the botched Yemen raid, the botched Muslim ban and Court reversals, leaked information about his ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, his atrocious Cabinet appointments and withdrawls of some nominees, etc.). For a little rancid red meat for his adoring fans, he tossed a lie about a non-existent "Swedish terrorist attack" to them to gin up more fear and loathing of Muslims.

This insecure, world-class narcissist needs his crowds cheering him to feel important and validated. His loathes a press that isn't behaving like a public relations arm of the White House, stroking his fragile ego and telling him everything he does it the biggest, greatest, most fantastic thing ever.  Rest assured that the next three years and 11 months of his term (if he lasts that long) will be manic campaigning, because this unhinged and needy man needs the safe space of his cult followers.

(photo: Not the Rump rally, but a reasonable facsimile, minus many thousands of people)

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