Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tell Us Again Why Democrats Should "Play By The Rules"

Here's more reason, if any were needed, for Democrats to forget the old rules and "comity" and resist these illegitimate f*ckers by any and all means possible:

This would be after Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee sent a letter to Republican chair Sen. Orrin "Nut" Hatch (Hypocrite-UT) asking that both Treasury nominee and "foreclosure machine" villain Steve "27 Cents" Mnuchin and HHS nominee and corrupt inside trader Rep. Tom "For Sale At Any" Price (Teabagger-GA) be called back to the committee to answer for their dishonest answers to questions in previous testimony.  Let's pause to hear more about how Congressional Republicans would be a "brake" on the worst features of neo- fascist authoritarian chaos moron Donald "Rump" Trump's administration =crickets=.

With complete control of government, Republicans are running roughshod over the legitimate concerns and rights of Democrats both in Congress and in Rump's White (supremacy) House. As we quoted Dave Leonhardt below, "The only thing worse than the system that the Republicans have created is a system in which one political party volunteers to be bullied." Should Democrats not be quick enough to realize this paradigm, they will not only lose to Republicans, they will lose their base (a base that's energized and several miles ahead of party "leadership") in the process.

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