Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Far Right's "Sassy Gay (Ex) Friend" (UPDATED)

Needless to say, the implosion of far- right troll and Breitbart "News" hack (for now*) Milo Yiannopoulos was long overdue. The tipping point was reached when his comments about pedophilia and pederasty became public. (Considering those comments, remember that this is someone who refers to Donald "Rump" Trump as "Daddy"-- paging Dr. Freud!) Curiously, however, it was only those comments that were sufficiently embarrassing to the slugs that inhabit such venues as the Conservative Political Action Conference and Simon and Schuster to abandon him.  Here's some of what the slugs have been tacitly endorsing in their embrace of their "sassy gay friend*" up until now:

-- his embrace of alt- right white nationalist racism and bigotry;

-- his sexist, vicious stance on feminism and rape culture;

-- his anti- Semitism and Islamophobia; and

-- his encouragement of online harassment of women, transgenders and people of color.

This boil on the ass of humanity has always been a sick, hateful f*ck masquerading as a "cultural libertarian."  He certainly hasn't shied away from expressing his hateful views when given the opportunity.  Yet, knowing that, he was acceptable enough to the publishers at (sweet fancy Moses) Simon and Schuster to snag a $250,000 book advance. More understandably, he was acceptable to the culture warriors and bitter cranks at CPAC, who no doubt loved the fact that he trolled their enemies (women, minorities, LBGTQs, progressives, etc.) with such high visibility and relish.  American Conservative Union Chairman Matt "Dick" Schlapp defended the choice of Yiannopoulos to keynote at CPAC by saying (not ironically), "...[H]e’s got a voice that a lot of young people listen to..." Well, maybe Hitler Youth the kidz at Stormfront or Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute. That's the demo Yiannopoulos appeals to.

That demo's still there, it's just their "sassy gay friend" finally found a line they wouldn't cross with him.

*UPDATE:  He gone.
*H/t Roy Edroso, who has a great read about the relationship between Milo and the conservative movement.

Also, Kali Holloway at Alternet writes about what this episode tells us about the "conservative movement."

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