Monday, February 6, 2017

The Press And Propaganda: Quote of the Day

“I think the obligation of the press is to serve the public and they should put that first. I think they should have been putting that first all along instead of playing a part and propping up this dictator that we’ve got going on. You know, I’m glad to see the press taking a more aggressive stance, doing more investigative pieces, acting less like a bunch of botoxed Riefenstahls* propping up this guy.” (emphasis added) -- op-ed columnist and media critic Sarah Kendzior in a segment with Joy Reid discussing the press' obligations in dealing with autocratic sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump (h/t to Crooks and Liars). Have her on more often.
*At the risk of pointing out the obvious, Leni Riefenstahl was a German filmmaker whose infamous propaganda film, "Triumph of the Will," was filmed at a 1934 Nazi rally in Nuremberg and which glorified Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime.

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