Thursday, March 2, 2017

Add "Liar" To Sessions' Resume

Justice Department officials have confirmed that Attorney General of the Confederate States of America and right-wing bigot Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III had two contacts with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak last year during the campaign of neo-fascist con man Donald "Rump" Trump, contradicting sworn testimony he gave in his confirmation hearing and in a written response submitted later for the record. Sessions met with Kislyak at the Rethuglican National Convention in July, and then again in his Senate office in September.

In attempting to deflect accusations of misleading the Senate and perjury, Sessions' spokesperson said that the meetings were on Senate business relating to his role on the Senate Armed Services Committee. That's ridiculous on its face: ask yourselves, what would the Russian ambassador be doing at the Convention in Cleveland discussing Senate armed services matters, and why would a U.S. Senator be discussing issues having to do with our armed forces with the Russian ambassador.* Sessions was one of the earliest and most prominent advisors and supporters of Rump, a status that separated him from others and made him useful for Russia to cultivate.

There's a growing chorus of demands that either Sessions resign as AG or that he immediately recuse himself from overseeing ongoing investigations into Russia's involvement with the Rump campaign, and Russian ties to Rump personally. His intentionally misleading responses under oath to the Senate about his contacts with the Russian ambassador should also prompt perjury charges.
*Sen. Claire McCaskill adds a dose of reality on Sessions' "Senate Armed Services" canard:
Also, the WaPo reports that no other Senator on the Armed Services Committee was contacted by the Russian ambassador last year:


One Fly said...

The sonofabitch isn't going to do anything because he doesn't have to. Most every repug will stand behind his lies with him. We are soooo screwed.

Hackwhackers said...

And with the Rethug base willing to accept ANY amount of treason, lying, etc. from these clowns, the fight will be daunting. Thanks, One Fly.