Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wrapping Up Trump's Speech To Congress

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert was live last night after neo-fascist con artist Donald "Rump" Trump's soporific, contradictory and lie-filled speech to Congress, and he went right at Rump with both skewers. It might be the best summary you'll see, certainly not one you'll be getting from a corporate media eager to proclaim Rump has "changed his tone," "pivoted" or become more "Presidential."

BONUS: What Glenn Thrush said:

And Dana Houle:

Hack (n.) -- see Cillizza, Chris.


Anonymous said...

Disgusting pandering - everyone involved should be very ashamed. P.E.C.

Anonymous said...

And another thing... Chris Cillizza enshrined himself forever in the Hall of Hacks with that article. Touching moment???!!! WTF!!! Shame, shame, shame!

Hackwhackers said...

Their careers depend on access to power, even power that's corrupt and sinister. Hope some day that there's a reckoning for their cowardice. Thanks, P.E.C.