Sunday, March 26, 2017

Flynn Flipping For FBI?

There are reports that former national security advisor and unhinged conspiracy fan Michael "Jack D. Ripper" Flynn may be turning against neo-fascist incompetent Donald "Rump" Trump in the FBI's counter intelligence investigation of Rump and his campaign's Russian collusion. During Rump's campaign, Flynn was his main advisor on national security and had frequent contact with Russian officials, infamously attending a 2015 dinner in Moscow to "celebrate" Russia's state-owned network's 10th anniversary while seated next to thug and autocrat Vladimir "Vlad the Invader" Putin. He was fired in disgrace after his phone conversation with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak over lifting U.S. sanctions became public.

If the report is accurate and Flynn is preparing to serve as an FBI witness against Rump and his associates, it would clearly add a major dimension to the ongoing investigation of collusion with Russian officials during (and possibly after) the election. The additional leverage that the FBI may have on Flynn is a reported plot to kidnap Turkish dissident mullah Fethullah Gulen from the U.S., circumventing U.S. extradition procedures, and secretly return him to Turkey. Flynn participated in a meeting last September with Turkish officials to discuss how that would be accomplished. Subsequently, it's been revealed that Flynn's consulting firm was receiving $530,000 to represent Turkey's interests while he was on the Rump campaign, and while sitting in on national security meetings as Rump's national security advisor.

Let's hope that the FBI has struck a deal with Flynn to offer testimony against the Rump cabal. It would be sweet revenge for him after his unceremonious canning by his co-conspirator.

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