Monday, March 27, 2017

He Plays A Sheriff On TV

Over the past few years, Milwaukee County Sheriff and unstable rageaholic David "Uncle Ruckus" Clarke has become the darling of the far right, appearing often on Fux and at the Rethuglican National Convention last summer. What makes his value to the far right higher is that he's an angry conservative African-American (albeit a self-hating one). While Clarke is registered and runs --astonishingly -- as a Democrat, there's nothing in his political views that resemble Democratic policies (he's even encouraged African-Americans to leave the Democratic Party). He's a staunch advocate for neo-fascist bigot Donald "Rump" Trump, and was reportedly under consideration for Secretary of Homeland Security -- until someone took a closer look at his incendiary personality. Clearly, he has used the tag "Democrat" to fool many in the majority-Democratic Milwaukee County, but the sheriff's absence from his job while out promoting his right-wing views and Rump is getting more and more disapproving notice from the voters there.

Perhaps even more than his chronic absence from Milwaukee County to promote himself (and a new "book" of his), the deaths of four prisoners in his county jail in 2016, including one man who died of dehydration, have alarmed people. Tragically, the newborn child of a female prisoner died after the mother was ignored by jail officials for six hours while she was in labor and after. He's also stepped forward to offer his "services" to the harsh Federal immigration enforcement effort underway by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which would "deputize" sheriff's office officials to check immigration status on anyone processed through Milwaukee County jails for any reason -- even a minor infraction.

The good news is that this delusional and dangerous twit is up for re-election in 2018; the bad news is that unless Dems wake up and turn out in droves to defeat him, he'll remain in office to do damage to his community.

(photo: "Uncle Ruckus" Clarke playing wild west sheriff dress-up on the streets of Milwaukee. Easier than doing your real job.)

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