Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Polls: American People Want Special Counsel To Investigate Trump-Russia Ties

A wave of polls are showing that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of a special counsel/ prosecutor to look into the ties between Russia and its American asset Donald "Rump" Trump:
A majority of voters support appointing a special prosecutor to investigate alleged ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign staff and the Russian government, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted in the immediate wake of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from any related investigations. 
Fifty-six percent of registered voters support appointing a special prosecutor, a far greater share than the 30 percent who oppose an independent counsel investigating the matter. Thirteen percent of voters don’t have an opinion.
This conforms with a CNN-ORC poll from a few days ago showing almost two-thirds of Americans want such an independent investigation.

As more revelations come out (and they will), we expect public pressure will mount on weasel Republicans in Congress and on the Department of Justice to turn the investigation over to a someone with the authority and tools to take this where it needs to go: subpoenaing Rump aides and doing a forensic review of his tax returns.

BONUS:  For good measure, 51% want Attorney General of the Confederate States of America and evil elf Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to resign after apparently perjuring himself in his confirmation hearings.

UPDATE:  Quinnipiac joins the crowd: 66 percent want an independent investigation.


Feline Mama said...

dRumph could care less about what the American people want. AMIRITE? The more we demand, the more push back we'll get. And congress, well, HARRUMPH, to the American people they say with disdain.

W. Hackwhacker said...

We really have no recourse but to continue to push for an independent investigation. That the majority of the American people are with us matters at least at the margins (Repubs in swing districts, etc.), and is pretty much all we can hang our hats on until a smoking gun is unveiled or a few key Repubs suddenly grow a spine (or read their poll numbers dropping). As they say, Hope.