Thursday, March 16, 2017

Portrait Of A Villain: Mick Mulvaney (UPDATED)

Former Rep. Mick "Dick" Mulvaney (R- Cradle of Secession) is now neo- fascist orange sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump's Director of the Office of Management and Budget, to our great peril as a functioning democracy. As one of the original Tea Party dimwits elected in 2010, Mulvaney had as pure a right- wing pedigree while in Congress as you can imagine (Tea Party Caucus, Freedom Caucus, "Shutdown" Caucus) and was a hardliner in attempts to shut down the government in 2015, because "Planned Parenthood baby parts!" In short, he's a real piece of work.

Recent comments by "Dick" confirm his dickitude and his villainy.

On Tuesday's Squint and the Meat Puppet Show, "Dick" was questioned about that turd circling the drain, otherwise known as TrumpCare; in particular, the CBO projection that by 2026, 24 million more people would lose their health insurance coverage. "Dick's" response:
"Coverage is not the end. People don't get better with coverage. They get better with care."
How exactly that works for the poor, the working families and people on fixed incomes was not explained by "Dick," because tax cuts for the wealthy (taking $880 billion out of Medicaid and turning $600 billion over to the wealthy and favored interest groups)!!!

Then comes the release of the orange sociopath's "afflict the afflicted and comfort the comforted" FY 2018 budget proposal (summary here). "Dick" was asked about the severe cutback in the non- defense workforce (EPA alone on the chopping block to lose 3,200 positions). He responded as the villain he is:
"You can't drain the swamp and leave all the people in it."
This after Rump added even more Goldman Sachs masters of the universe to his administration, to join the unprecedented number of millionaire/ billionaire wreckers already in place. But, to this douche, tax- paying, family- supporting, hard- working everyday Americans who work as civil servants are the people in "the swamp." We'll just leave it at that and go try to cool off.

BONUS:  Separated at birth?

OMB Director Mick "Dick" Mulvaney

Actor and fellow wingnut Clint Howard

UPDATE: "Dick" squeaks out on climate research funding:
"The president was straightforward. We're not spending money on that anymore," he huffed. "We think that's a waste of your money to do that."  (our emphasis)
[must fight urge to punch]


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to survive the next four years. I'm in a constant state of outrage. These sorry excuses for human beings are insane. I believe the head buffoon has dementia. Among other symptoms he's paranoid and he's hallucinating. I'm hoping he cracks soon, but there's no one in that cabinet or the party who is qualified to be president. They're all sadistically insane.

W. Hackwhacker said...

We've used the "firehose" metaphor to describe the unrelenting nature of the crap coming from the Trumpists. It can be exhausting, but we all need to try to focus on the issues most likely to bring the shitgibbon low: what the Russians have on him, and exposing and pushing back on the damage he's doing to the moral, social and economic fabric of the country. Thanks for commenting and hang in there!