Sunday, March 12, 2017

Portrait Of A Villain: Rep. Steve King

To our mind, there are no bigger villains (or smaller human beings) in Congress than Iowa Republican Rep. Steve "Cantaloupe Calves" King (R- Nuremberg Laws). An outspoken bigot, homophobe, global warming denier and all- around ignoramus, his slack- jawed constituents have nevertheless returned King to Congress for the past 14 years, apparently being o.k. with this steaming pile of a person representing them. (On every major issue, King takes a mainstream Republican position -- i.e., the most extreme right- wing position possible.)

Today, in keeping with his villainy, he tweeted this about Dutch neo- Nazi Geert Wilders' views on racial purity:

"Culture and demographics are our destiny?" That sounded better in the original German (h/t Molly Ivins).

"Someone else's babies?" Keep in mind, this is someone who is a radical "pro- lifer," even opposing stem cell research. Good to see his concern for life ends at birth.

Considering King displays a Confederate flag in his office, this should come as no surprise:

We're Hackwhackers and we endorse these messages:

We eagerly await that condemnation from his fellow Republicans bigots =crickets=. In the meantime, let us echo one of the tweets above and just say "FU."

1 comment:

One Fly said...

The county I am from went 75/25 for King and Trumper.

I can't begin to fathom a vote for a candidate endorsed basically by the KKK.

Being related or other things in common do not get a pass when it comes to this ideology these people choose back there.

I hate to be like this but fuck'em all and doubt if I will ever return. This is not new but the crazy is just too much and haven't even touched on the religious side of the area. I literally want nothing or little to do with Trumper supporters no matter where they are.

Remember too they replaced Senator Harkin who brought more bacon home to these whiner farmers with a worse ideologue than that crazy bitch from Minnysota Bachman.

There will be no stopping what's happening and nobody is going anywhere. There will be little accountability if any at all for Trumper on down.