Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rethugs' Health Care Bill Locked Up Or On The Lam?

Hidden away in a room guarded by Capitol Hill police was the House Rethuglican bill to replace the Affordable Care Act. (Apparently, the Rethug House leadership was so proud of their effort, they would allow only trusted fellow Rethugs to view it... but not copy it or take it from the room.) When loopy "libertarian" Sen. "Ayn" Rand Paul (who has been a critic of the House's efforts) went to the room and demanded to see it, the police turned him away (perhaps it doesn't deny enough people health insurance to suit Paul). Now, however, it's being reported that the bill may have grown legs and slipped past the guards, as at least one Rethug Congressman says he went to the room and there was no bill (!!). This last development may be closest to the truth about the clusterf*ck that Rethugs find themselves in as they flounder around for a replacement for the Affordable Care Act after 7 years of failing to come up with an alternative: they have nothing worth revealing.

(gif: Never fear, House Rethuglicans are on the case of the missing bill)

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