Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So Much Winning: Build The Wall Edition

Fresh off of his Hindenburg experience with the disastrous TrumpCare failure, neo-fascist loser Donald "Rump" Trump may be facing another humiliating setback soon for his signature campaign promise: Congress may not fund a border wall separating the U.S. from Mexico this year. Reports indicate that Rethuglican congresscritters are worried that Dems will block passage of an April 28 debt ceiling bill allowing the Government to stay open unless the requested $1.4 billion in initial funding for Rump's wall this year is stripped out. As an alternative, Rethugs may propose a separate funding bill for the wall, which would also likely face defeat in a closely-divided Senate.

Adding to Rump's political problem is that the public is cold to building a wall especially if the U.S. ends up paying for it -- which it will. Then, there are the logistical challenges to construction, including terrain, and major swaths of private land that the wall would intrude on.

Will Rump continue to bat zero as this next promise of his evaporates? We certainly hope so, but we also hope that Rump expends massive political capital in his doomed boondoggle.

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