Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Republican War On Women, Cont.

Just a little while ago, the Senate voted on a Republican sponsored bill that would strip away Title X protections governing whether States provide family planning funds to clinics and providers (notably Planned Parenthood).  With noted non- feminist and very white "man" Vice President Mike "Dense" Pence gleefully casting the tie- breaking vote, Republicans gutted the regulation providing those protections. As soon as it's signed by another noted non- feminist shitgibbon, it'll be Federal law that States (some of whom were already challenging the rule and pushing the envelope) have the right to deny Title X family planning funding for reasons that could be totally unrelated to quality of service of those providers =cough= abortion =cough=.

The National Women's Law Center describes the impact this mean- spirited bill will have (see also P.E.C.'s addendum in Comments):
Do not be mistaken—these attacks, including this vote, would likely result in individuals losing access to critical family planning and preventive care provided by Title X sites, including: 
-- Breast exams—which were provided to over 1 million women nationally at Title X sites in 2015; 
-- Other important confidential preventive care, including screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)/HIV, and health education; and 
-- Contraceptive care and counseling that helped women avoid 904,000 unintended pregnancies, which would have resulted in 439,000 unplanned births in 2014.
Every Republican Senator except Sens. Collins and Murkowski voted for this bill. There weren't enough Democrats in the House or Senate to stop this, nor is there anyone in the White House to veto it. But we all know that nothing was worse than Hillary's emails, right?


Feline Mama said...

So, all you female/male trumpet-teers who voted for YOUR "dynamic duo", happy now? You women, worst of all. You should be ashamed! DAMN you all to hell.
Schadenfreude does exist & SHE knows where you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W. Hackwhacker said...

We can only hope that someday, this along with other reactionary policies will be reversed. But people need to be aware of what's happening, and that this is REPUBLICAN policy, passed in both houses. And they need to vote these misogynist vandals out.

Anonymous said...

People should be aware that in addition to the health screenings mentioned in this piece, there is another essential screening that takes place when a woman visits a doctor or nurse practitioner - we are asked if we feel safe at home. It is a confidential opportunity for abused women to have an interaction with someone who can help them. When women can't go for regular health checks they lose that access to help. P.E.C.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Excellent point.