Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"The Sickness Of This Man" QOTD

Ryan Owens, his death came as a result of a dinner Trump had with his son-in-law. The widow, that’s why she’s there as sort of an F-you to the people who are criticizing him for this. And this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband is in desperate grief right now. And to use that to put another notch on his belt, what is he thinking about? 'My ratings, my record applause. I’m going to get an Emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.’ That is the sickness of this man.” (emphasis added) -- Michael Moore, on MSNBC last night, reacting to the exploitation of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens' widow sitting in the gallery of Congress listening to Donald "Rump" Trump's speech.

Ryan Owens' father is calling for an investigation into the failed Yemen raid that Rump hastily approved over dinner, after being briefed by former National Security Advisor Michael "Jack D. Ripper" Flynn.

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