Tuesday, March 21, 2017

There Go The Judge

After claiming on Fux that "intelligence sources" told him that the British intelligence agency GCHQ tapped neo-fascist buffoon Donald "Rump" Trump's phone in Trump Tower, Fux Channel "legal" expert and human/woodchuck hybrid "Judge" Andrew Napolitano's inflammatory charge was picked up by White (Supremacist) House paid liar Sean "Spicy" Spicer and read to reporters in a press briefing last week. The British government was not pleased, and GCHQ issued a rare public statement, slamming Napolitano's spurious statement as "nonsense" and received assurances from the Rump administration that the charge wouldn't be repeated.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Napolitano has been pushed off the air at Fux indefinitely after creating an international incident with his reckless behavior. He hasn't appeared on air since last Thursday, prompting speculation that the injudicious judge may be on long-term suspension (or dismissal). Napolitano apparently got his "information" from a discredited ex-CIA agent who made the false allegation on -- wait for it -- Russia's state-owned network RT. Dots, so many to connect.

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