Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vote On Obamacare Repeal Postponed (UPDATED)

Despite saying the vote on the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare would happen today regardless of whether they had the votes to pass it, the Republican leadership just announced it was postponing the vote.

Because they didn't have the votes. In. Their. Own. Caucus. The problem being, one part of the Republican Party is o.k. with dropping 24 million people from health insurance coverage, while an opposing wing thinks that not nearly cruel enough.

Meanwhile, time for more expert negotiating and arm twisting from the master of the deal?
Trump has increasingly come to own the health care proposal, even making a direct pitch to members during a closed-door meeting with House Republicans on Tuesday. The continued opposition to the bill may be the first signal that Trump’s political capital doesn’t run very deep in the House GOP conference, and that Republicans, particularly conservative Republicans, aren’t afraid to cross the president. 
Trump's winning so much, he's maybe getting tired of winning.

UPDATE: The Congressional Budget Office scored the latest version of the abomination and, surprise!, it's still as vicious as the first bill:
The score by the Congressional Budget Office projects federal deficits would be lowered by $150 billion over 10 years but still projects that 24 million more Americans would be uninsured by 2026 than under the Affordable Care Act. A previous version of the bill would have reduced the deficit by an estimated $337 billion by 2026. The analysis comes as House Republicans continue making changes to try to line up enough votes to pass the bill.

UPDATE II:  The Giant Toddler is "done negotiating" with his Congressional Republicans and wants a vote on Friday. Waaah!

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