Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Wayne Tracker" And Oil's Dirty Business

The State of New York, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are all investigating whether Exxon Mobil engaged in a long-term campaign to deceive their stockholders (and the public at large) on the reality that climate change was occurring due primarily to man's burning of oil, coal and other fossil  fuels. It's being reported that New York's superb State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's investigation has uncovered e-mails from Exxon's then-CEO and current Secretary of State Rex "Wrecks" Tillerson using the alias of "Wayne Tracker" on e-mails discussing climate change, discussions which would indicate that Tillerson may have defrauded stockholders by not disclosing oil's clear liability risks to the environment and thus artificially propping up stock prices. By using the alias, Tillerson disguised thousands of his e-mails from the government's discovery process that could prove that fraud was committed on the company's shareholders, not to mention the overall public. Other key executives at the company may have used a similar dodge to conceal their identities from the plaintiffs and the courts.

Documents revealed in the past two years prove that Exxon knew about the devastating effects of fossil fuel burning on the climate as far back as 1977, but hid the data so as not to damage their company's bottom line. Moreover, they undertook a well-financed campaign of deliberate disinformation (along with their peers in the fossil fuel industry) to question the climate science that pointed to the damage that fossil fuel burning was having on the world's environment.

Now that "Wayne Tracker" has been exposed, there will be thousands of e-mails for the attorneys general and the SEC to seek in discovery and to build not only a case of securities fraud, but a broader case against the fossil fuel industry's long and sinister campaign to keep their profits up while destroying the environment.

All together now: "Lock him up! Lock him up!"

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