Saturday, April 1, 2017

Childish Tantrum, Creeping Senility, Or Both?

Yesterday, in one of his pompous, staged-for-the-press signings, unstable con artist Donald "Rump" Trump announced two executive orders purportedly dealing with trade abuses. Vice President Mike "Dense" Pence was standing with Rump as he normally does, when Rump took to the podium and said what a great, bigly, yuuge deal this was.....and walked out of the room without signing the orders.
Dense looked baffled as he tried to get Rump back in the room to sign the orders, but Rump waved him away, leaving a sheepish- looking Dense the embarrassing task of picking up the unsigned orders and following Rump like a frustrated minder.

Rump's antics may have been prompted by a fear of answering questions from the assembled press about the deepening Russiagate scandal, or the implosion of TrumpCare, or any number of recent debacles. It's certainly a measure of his immaturity and inner rage that he dumped on his own event and apparently doesn't care how "SAD!" he looks.

BONUS: Here's the vid --


Feline Mama said...

ISN'T IT TIME??!? What horrific happening is gonna emerge B4 congress starts some sort of ACTION? Waiting for another 9/11, or WWIII? DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This "person" is mental!

Hackwhackers said...

F.M. -- To quote Jeb Bush about Trump: "There's something wrong with him."

Feline Mama said...

P.S. Coming from Jeb Bush, this IS saying SOMETHING!! no???!!